Reduction Gear

Experience in gear types

Reduction Gear

We provide service, repair and overhaul of gears.

Our main experience in gear types are:

Wärtsilä, Rentjes, Scana Volda, Ulstein, ZF and Renk gear.

About Weesgaard

Weesgaard Mechanical Support is a small family owned company, who is highly specialized in repair of reduction gear, major overhaul on diesel engines and maintenance on all other mechanical marine equipment.

The aim is, to have a small but thriving company, where the costumer is our focus, and where professionalism, quality and flexibility is key values. Weesgaard Mechanical Support  is a company who delivers “quality on time”. 

Furthermore, we have a well-appointed workshop which is 800m2. The workshop is positioned near Hirtshals harbor, where we can overhaul parts and equipment in different sizes.

Our employees are flexible, safety minded and have a wide knowledge within repair and service on all sizes of vessel. They have many years of experience working in the maritime sector, and will approach your challenges with a positive mind.

We meet the customer where our service is needed, be it anywhere in the world, with a 24/7-hours and 365 days a year service.

Many years of experience and good employees